The Rapture


Armageddon refers to the biblical prophecy about how the world will end. Many Christians believe that this will involve a battle between Satin and Jesus and the end of it Jesus will reign supreme. The idea of the end days is closely associated with ideas of the rapture and the tribulation. There is much debate around this issue and different Christian groups have different interpretations; the word ďArmageddonĒ itself was only mentioned once and this is in the Greek New Testament.

What will happen during Armageddon?

Some biblical interpreters claim that there will be a period of seven years that will occur before the final battle between Jesus and Satin; this period is referred to as the tribulation. At some time before, during, or after the tribulation Jesus will remove his followers from the Earth. It is this removal that people are referring to when the talk about the rapture; the rapture roughly translated means to take up.

During the seven years of the tribulation Satin will grow in power and have more influence on the Earth. Those who believe in rapture before tribulation think that it will be hard if not impossible for those left on Earth to be saved. Followers of the idea that the rapture will occur at the end of the tribulation tend to feel that people can be saved right until the Armageddon.

There is some speculation as to where those selected for the rapture will end up. Some claim that they will be taken to another planet similar to the Earth where they will wait out the seven years. Other groups feel that they will be spending the time in heaven and may return to Earth after Armageddon. Some of those who believe that the saved-Christians will be here throughout the tribulation believe that they like Noah will be rescued in an ark as the world is flooded.

When is Armageddon likely to happen?

People have been predicting the arrival of impending Armageddon for centuries now and we are still here. It is understandable that sceptics see this is good reason to scoff at such notions. These failures to predict Armageddon can be explained away by believers who say that those doing the prediction misread the bible; others would claim that there is no way to predict the exact time but that it is coming Ė probably soon. Even those who have made predictions about dates that have long since passed by donít feel hesitant about making further predictions; followers have no qualms about believing them too.

Will Armageddon occur?

The belief in Armageddon is a matter of faith and so it is not possible to give an objective estimate as to when it will arrive. This is a belief related to Abrahamic religions like Christianity. Even some Christians would feel a bit uncomfortable with the idea and see it as something not to be taken literally. At the end of the day, it will not be possible to decide who is right unless it happens. The fact that it hasnít happened always leaves the door open for the chance that it could; you canít prove something wonít happen.

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