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The bible prophecy that creates the most controversy is the idea of the rapture and tribulation. This is not a belief shared by all Christians and even those who do have faith in it do not agree as to what it means. Bible prophecy that predicts certain times for events have all proved false so far, this never leads to a lack of enthusiasms for these predictions though. In fact since the arrival of the internet interest in these matters has exploded. The great thing about rapture predictions is that they rely completely on faith and you canít prove that something isnít going to happen.

Bible prophecy about the rapture

The bible has been interpreted to mean different things by different people over the centuries; it is this that has led to the many different sects and denominations. This has also meant that there are many different views about how the world is going to end; assuming that it is going to end. The idea of the rapture is credited to an Anglo-Irish preacher called John Nelson Darby. It was his assertion, from his readings the bible, that the end days were coming but that Jesus would come and save his followers from the worst of the last days of tribulation.

This bible prophecy concerning the rapture has greatly influenced some evangelical churches; mostly in America. Since the idea was first floated there has been many dates chosen as the beginning of the last days; all so far have proved to be wrong. The next proposed date is May 21st 2012. This date was provided by evangelist preacher Harold Cummings; he lacks some credibility though because he previously felt certain that the date was September 27th 1994 but this turned out to be a no-show. Sir Isaac Newton predicted the year 2060 as the time of Armageddon.

What is believed to happen during the tribulation?

This is viewed as a time of great suffering and hardship. The rapture will either come before, during, or after the tribulation. When the rapture occurs saved Christians will be taken away. There is some confusion as to what will happen to those left behind. Some experts on bible prophesy claim that these people will still have a chance to turn to Jesus, but it wonít be easy with Satin fully in control. ďRapture ReadyĒ is a website which aims to have information available on the web to help those who are left behind. Other believers in the tribulation think that saved Christians will still be around during the years of tribulation to lend a hand.

What to make of bible prophecy?

This is a tough one to answer as it is a matter of faith; you either believe or you donít. Something that seems completely absurd to one person will seem blatantly obvious to another. Those who do believe feel obligated to try and convert those who donít believe; after all you donít want other people to be doomed. On the other hand, those who donít believe can find such ideas a bit silly.

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