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Bible Rapture

Bible rapture is a topic of utmost importance to those who believe in its authenticity. This may be something that was never clearly mentioned in the bible, but for believers the evidence is blindingly obvious. Adherents are convinced that the failure of people to be rapture-ready is a recipe for untold suffering.

What is the bible rapture?

There are mixed opinions on this issue but generally it is viewed as an event that will occur before the end days. People have studied the bible and feel convinced that the end of the world is coming and that there will be a seven year period where life on earth will be unbearable. At the end of this time will be judgement day. The rapture refers to the belief that before these end days born-again Christians will be “raptured up” by Jesus so that they don’t have to deal with all the suffering on Earth. The word rapture is seen as referring to being lifted up.

When is the rapture due?

The rapture is probably one of the most prophesied events in human history. So far all the predictions have been wrong, but there has been no let up in the predictions. The next possible date is May 21st 2011. Sir Isaac Newton tried his hand at rapture predicting and he prophesised 2060 at the earliest date for the end of the world.

The evidence for the bible rapture

The evidence for the rapture is said to be found by studying the biblical text and interpreting it. There is no direct reference to this event so it does rely a lot on other people’s interpretations. Those who believe in the bible rapture would see that there is absolutely no doubt about its arrival though. Many individuals have devoted most of their lives preparing for it and making sure that they are rapture-ready.

The importance of the bible rapture

This belief in rapture is most firmly held by certain Protestant denominations in America. It did once have some popularity in Europe back in the nineteenth century and the idea is believed to be first introduced by Plymouth Brethren member John Nelson Darby; an Anglo-Irish evangelist. The growth of some American Christian groups back in European countries has caused a revival in the belief but nowhere near as to the same extent as in the United States.

Are you rapture-ready?

Those who believe in the rapture feel certain that only saved-Christians will escape the days of tribulation that will last for seven years. This time will see the antichrist arriving on the scene and there will be some real terrible events occurring on Earth; like nothing before. Saved Christians will be those who follow a specific interpretation of the bible so it is important for believers to choose carefully about which denomination they join. If they get it right they will be safely tucked away while life for those on Earth becomes unbearable. Those who believe in the bible rapture are devoted to saving as many other people as they can before the end days come.

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