The Rapture

The Rapture

Believers of the rapture claim that it is an actual event that is due to occur at some time in the future; many consider that it is coming sooner rather than later. This is a belief in the last days and held most strongly by American conservative Protestants. The evidence for the rapture has been collected from the bible; mostly in the book of Revelations and New Testament, but also in the Old Testament. It is an idea that first seemed to become popular back in the eighteenth century among some Christian groups in parts of America.

The rapture refers to the idea that Godís chosen people being spared all the misery that is due to arrive with the days of tribulation. Many Christians believe that even the good guys will need to stay during the bad last days, but followers of the rapture are pretty insistent that they will be whisked away to somewhere more hospitable as things go from bad to worse on Earth. It is believed that the days of tribulation will last seven years; only born again Christians will escape the misery during this time. There can be much heated debate on this topic and there are many different interpretations.

The earliest mention of the rapture was probably made by John Nelson Darby who was a member of the Plymouth Brethren. His writings had a great impact on Christian groups in American; but his appeal faded away in Europe in the years after his death. Most European Christian groups would not align themselves to this idea; at least not to the same extent that it has gained acceptance across the pond.

Although many believers would agree that the rapture isnít mentioned specifically in the Bible; they do claim that there is enough clues to make its arrival a certainty. In fact many would view any attempt to deny the coming of this event as being influenced by Satin. Adherents are emphatic that only the right type of Christian can be saved during this time. The days of tribulation are not going to be something that people will want to endure and the only option is to become born again and follow the right teachings; the problem will be choosing correctly as different groups claim that only they can be saved.

There have been some famous people over the years who have become convinced enough by the evidence for the rapture to accept it. In fact Sir Isaac Newton calculated that it is due to arrive in 2060. American talk show personality Harold Camping is not as generous with the amount of time left and he confidently predicts the rapture as coming on the May 21st 2011. He will be hoping to do better than many other people who have made a name for themselves by predicting the rapture and have so far got it wrong. In recent years 1992, 1993, and 1994 have all been touted as the beginning of the end days, but so far pundits have been mistaken. These failed predictions have not in any way knocked the confidence of those who are staying prepared for deliverance during the rapture.

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