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The Rapture Echoes album was released in 2003. This New York based punk band is named after an event that certain Christian groups hold as sacred. For some people the word refers to the time when Jesus will return to gather up his followers. It isn’t just the name of the band that resonates with Christians, but the titles of some of their songs like “sister saviour” and “heaven” could mean that those who have not actually heard their music could get confused. In fact it is believed that quite a few people purchased the Rapture Echoes album because they believed it was Christian music – how wrong they were.

These two groups that are interested in the rapture couldn’t be more different from each other. Followers of the band like to let their hair down and maybe even do a bit of moshing/slamming. Those who believe in the biblical rapture would probably think that moshing is something you do to your carpet. If they saw people moshing to The Rapture Echoes album they would likely believe that Satan had taken charge of their bodies.

What is the Christian rapture?

The Christian rapture is when Jesus returns for his chosen followers and whisks them off to somewhere nice. There is a bit of disagreement about where exactly they will be whisked off to; some claim it is to heaven while others claim it is to a new Earth. Wherever they are taken one thing for sure is that those people who like to listen to The Rapture Echoes album won’t be there. Only those people who strictly follow certain Christian evangelistic practices will be among the saved. After the biblical rapture those left behind will be too busy suffering the tribulation to have time for listening to music and partying.

The band called The Rapture

The band The Rapture formed in 1988 and they have released three albums since that time. They have also produced music that has appeared on the Grand Theft Auto game. The Raptures Echoes was their second album and to date has been their most successful. It managed to reach number 32 in the UK charts, but didn’t manage so well in the US. They are currently working on some new recordings and fans are eager to hear something new from new; their last real album was back in 2006; although there was a compilation album back in 2008.

What do the two types of rapture fans have in common?

These two groups of people probably wouldn’t have much to talk about if they met at a party; not that they are likely to be running in the same social circles. The biblical rapture followers take their beliefs very seriously and believe that it is their souls that are in danger if they stray from the path. It is doubtful that any of the fans of The Rapture band would have much luck convincing these Christians about the greatness of their favourite band’s music. They two groups may share some vocabulary, but the resemblance ends there.

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