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Rapture Hurt

One worry among those who believe in this biblical prophecy is will the rapture hurt. Most adherents would be quick to point out that it certainly won’t; it will be a joyous occasion when they are taken off by the lord. Other people, especially those new to this belief, wonder if leaving loved ones and friends behind to suffer will be painful for them. They also wonder if the process of actually being “raptured” will be uncomfortable.

What happens during the rapture and will the rapture hurt?

There are many interpretations as to what the rapture actually entails. Some believe that the saved will be taking off to another planet while others feel certain that it involves an ark just like occurred during Noah’s time. There is also disagreement about when it will actually occur. Some feel that the rapture will happen before things get really bad on Earth while other evangelical groups feel certain that it will happen during or at the end of the bad years. During this time even saved Christians might experience unpleasantness, but the joy of being liberated is sure to make up for any rapture hurt.

What will happen to loved ones and neighbours who stay behind?

Those left behind after the rapture will need to endure a lot of suffering. There will be seven years of tribulation and it’s not going to be pretty. It may be still possible to be saved during the tribulation, but it won’t be easy. Those left behind will soon fall under the sway of Satan. Others evangelical groups disagree with this assessment and feel certain that the saved will be there during the seven years of tribulation to help others become saved too. There may be some rapture hurt because of losing loved ones to the devil, but many would say that they brought it on themselves. It is almost certain that any rapture hurt will be quickly forgotten about once Jesus comes.

Why are there so many different interpretations about the rapture?

It can be a bit confusing for those who have just become interested in learning about the rapture because there are so many different interpretations. The problem is that there is no direct reference to the event in the bible; although believers would insist that the evidence can easily be found in biblical text. Critics would say that if it is so obvious then why is there so much disagreement about what it actually involves. It is unlikely that any consensus will be reached among these different interpretations so the best advice for those attracted to the idea would be to find the group that sounds the most convincing. Those not swayed by the evidence for the rapture would probably advise others to keep well clear of such notions.

Final thoughts

The idea of the rapture can be very confusing for an outsider looking in, but it is important to respect other people’s faith. Those who believe in the reality of the rapture are completely convinced and this is why they feel it is important to try and save others.

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