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Rapture ready is a topic of great importance to some Christian denominations because they believe if you are not ready you won’t be spared the suffering of the end days; Jesus could return at any time and followers see this as happening sooner rather than later.

What is rapture ready?

The words “rapture ready” are most often associated with a website created by Todd Strandberg. The aim of this resource is predominately to warn those who are not saved-Christians that they will be left behind when the rapture comes if they are not ready. It also aims to provide information about what to do if you are left behind. Those responsible for the website are so convinced of the coming rapture that they have created mirror sites. This precaution is to deal with the rush to read the information once the days of tribulation begin. It is not believed that Jesus will leave any personnel behind to service the site. The information will be available in many languages.

What is the rapture?

The word rapture comes from the Latin rapio which means caught up and some people believe that this refers to Jesus returning to collect his followers before the end days come. Those who are left behind are likely going to be doomed because it will be hard to find Jesus during the days of tribulation when Satin holds sway. The rapture ready website suggests that even those who are left behind can be saved if they turn to Jesus. It is hoped that these people will find the website and use it for advice in this time of dire need. The tribulation is due to last about seven years but it will be harder to become saved as time passes.

The evidence for the coming rapture and the need to be rapture ready

The belief in the rapture is more an issue of faith and it involves interpreting the bible in a certain way. There is no direct reference to it anywhere in the bible, but proponents of this idea can see allusions to it throughout the biblical text. Within the evangelical groups that believe in the rapture there is no consensus as to what it actually means. There is disagreement about what it involves and when it will occur. Attempts to predict it have so far been mistaken, but as followers may point out they only have to be correct once.

The relevance of the rapture ready website

For many people who believe in the rapture then this will likely be a valuable resource; although there will be many within the evangelical community that disagree with the interpretations. If the rapture does occur then the relevance of the site will obviously skyrocket. For non-believers the website will appear as a bit of an oddity. At the end of the day this is all about faith and probably not possible to prove one way or the other. It is a belief that has found most appeal in the United States but has not found much support in places like the UK; even though it is claimed that this is where the idea was first suggested.

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