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The apocalypse refers to a revelation given to special people and is most often associated with the destruction of the world. The words apocalypse and Armageddon are often used interchangeably but they are not the same thing. The word itself comes from Greek and is translated as meaning the “lifting of the veil” or being allowed to see. Much of the biblical prophecy that people believe in today is associated with this type of revelation.

The apocalypse and Armageddon

The reason why apocalypse and Armageddon are so often confused is that the most talked about revelations concerns the end times. Armageddon is believed to be the time when Jesus and Satin have their final showdown and after this it will be Jesus who becomes victor. It is claimed that this battle will occur on Earth and so the human race will be very much part of the action.

The apocalypse and the time of tribulation

Some Christian groups provide far more detail about what will happen around the time of Armageddon, but there is much disagreement among even these groups as to the exact facts. These ideas have been discovered through bible study; in particular it involves looking those parts of the bible dealing with apocalypse. This can be problematic as these are the areas of the bible that are the vaguest; although believers would strongly oppose this view. A popular interpretation is that the time of tribulation will last exactly seven years and at the end of this Jesus and Satin will do battle. During the seven years of tribulation there will be much suffering for people on Earth and many will become brainwashed by Satin who will rise in power during this time.

The apocalypse and the rapture

It is believed that those who are to be saved by Jesus will be raptured away at some point during the tribulations. This could happen before, during, or after the seven years of tribulation. There have been some America movies and a popular series of novels that depict the rapture occurring before the time of tribulation. In all of these stories the action focused on those people left behind on Earth.

How seriously should people take apocalypse?

Almost all Christians will have some ideas about the end days, but for some it is more important than others. There are many evangelical Christian groups that would view the apocalypse and Armageddon as being their most important concern. If you believe in an interpretation of the bible that focuses on rapture then this will be something to take seriously. These are issues of faith and so it is easy for disagreement to ensue when different Christian groups or non-Christians discuss it.

When is the end day’s apocalypse due to occur?

There have been many attempts to predict this event but so far all have been wrong. Most Christians hold the view that it is not possible to know when the exact day will occur, but others are not so reticent about providing dates. The next talked about date is May 21st 2012; but the preacher making this particular prediction has been wrong in the past.

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