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Rapture iiO

Rapture iiO is not to be confused with having anything to do with the evangelical belief in the rapture. In fact iiO is the name of a band and “rapture” is one of their hit singles that managed to reach number two in the US dance charts back in 2002; their most successful release to date. Rapture iiO certainly does conjure up the impression of Christian music, but the two are not really connected.

The biblical Rapture

The biblical rapture is not a belief common to all Christian denominations, but only to certain evangelical groups that are mostly based in the United States. The rapture is believed to be the time when Jesus will come to Earth to collect his saved followers. This rapture will happen before, or shortly after, the beginning of the end times; the days of tribulation. Only those who belong to the right Christian group will be saved because only they are rapture-ready. The evangelical Christian message about the rapture is very different from the message in the rapture iiO song.

What is rapture iiO?

“Rapture” is a song by a New York based outfit that produces house music called iiO. At the moment Markus Mosser is the only member left in the band so technically it’s not really a band. The song “rapture” is about a woman who meets a man when out enjoying herself at a club. The words in the song evoke religious metaphors as the woman tries to explain how she feels about this guy she has just met. It is a popular dance number that still gets played at dance clubs. Although it does contain references to the evangelical rapture there are few that would view it as Christian music.

Would rapture iiO be considered Christian music?

Evangelical Christians would likely be vehement about the fact that this song has nothing to do with their message of salvation. Many would claim that a dance club is the last place on Earth where you are likely to experience the rapture. In fact believers in the biblical rapture are just as likely to view people who like to dance to this type of music as currently hell-bound; unless they get saved and rapture-ready.

There are many Christian bands that like to sing about the rapture; these are wholesome songs with the correct message. There can be disagreement even among these groups though as to what being rapture-ready actually means. Different evangelical groups have different interpretations as to what it all involves. This is problematic as there is a good chance that getting it wrong could mean that you are not among the saved.

There is also disagreement as to when the rapture will actually happen. Some Christian groups believe it will occur before the final days of tribulation where life on Earth will be torturous; other groups believe they will be saved during or after this time. One thing for sure is that none of the believers in the rapture want to be left behind when the time does come; this is probably why you won’t find many dancing to the music of iiO.

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